Types of Office Desks – That Are a Must-Have In Workspace

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A workplace is all about a cheerful atmosphere. Creating a lively and engaging environment is possible with the right furniture, fixtures, and decor items. Additionally, the office lighting and seating contribute to employee motivation and productivity. A decent set of desks or chairs are essential in any corporate office. Daily tasks and functions are dependent on the files, folders, and documents along with the placement of the computer systems. Hence, the organization of such stuff requires proper desks in the office.

Moreover, an appropriate set of desks impacts the physical comfort and well-being of the workforce. Thus, supporting proper body posture.

But with the availability of multiple desk types, knowing which would best fit your workspace needs is challenging. Yes, you can visit reliable furniture stores in New Zealand but how will you know which desk your corporate facility requires?

In this write-up, we will discuss the must-have office desks for every workspace.

Office Desks Types for Professional WorkSpace Needs

Computer Desks

Computer desks are essential for the users to connect the classic desktops with the monitor, and keep other devices like printers within easy reach. Also, such a table comprises extra shelves or cabinets to accommodate the devices like keyboards.

The computer tables are large and perfect for the workforce to help them stay dedicated to their work. They are ideal to fulfil the functionality needs over the appearance. But the best thing is they can still notice the office decor, theme, etc.

Computer Desks

Executive Desks

Office furnishing is incomplete without the executive desks. Having such a furniture piece gives a sense of elegance and simplicity. Every corporate office with multiple docking stations, monitors, and other essentials necessitates executive desks.

Such tables are simply designed to fit the height of the space. In simple terms, buying such desks from a wide range of material types and colour choices will add professionalism to the office.

Writing Desks

A writing desk is required and seen in most startup offices. They look simple and clean but lack sufficient storage space. The best thing is it can be placed anywhere in the office space, is versatile, and serves multiple purposes.

When it comes to stylistic needs, the writing desk complements the design. Also, it serves more as a decoration item than as a functional piece of furniture.

L-Shaped Office Desks

The L-shaped desks are innovative and may seem odd to many corporate office owners. However, these are ideal to improve office aesthetics significantly. These identically sized workstations have sides that are parallel to one another.

L-shaped desks in the office provide the required comfort, stuff within arm’s reach, and an extended workspace. Additionally, these are adaptable furnishings perfect for a casual work environment. As a result, it can be better used by a bunch of employees to gather, brainstorm, and share ideas.

Therefore, include such furnishings in your workspace and utilize the built-in storage and floor space to the fullest.

L-Shaped Office Desks

Corner Desks

Corner workstations are perfect for offices with limited space. These furniture styles take up less floor space, allowing utilization of more area for other things and making the room appear larger.

Corner desks come in a variety of sizes and designs. For instance, you can purchase larger desktops or desks with racks, an option depending on your needs. This will guarantee that your favorite books and documents are always in your possession.

Having chairs complementing such desks will further ensure that overall space comfort and aesthetics are not compromised.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are ideal for those who prefer being active and not idle while at work. This furniture type is simple and assures several health benefits.

The varying standing desks include:

  • An accessory for standing at the desk while working.
  • One with a work surface that is easy to lift or lower as per the standing needs.
  • The last one comes in a lofty position.

Besides, it is always great to visit the furniture shops and explore the types of desks and their significance in person.

It is the type of desk that is more advanced than regular desks. These enable easy adjustment of keyboard and monitors. Consequently, ensuring that one is standing at the proper eye height. Some of them have the convenience of being mobile. Moreover, the adjustable standing desk is the greatest since it allows you to customize the size according to your needs.

Reception Desks

Reception desks are undoubtedly an essential workspace furnishing item. Its significance can not be overlooked plus it should be elegant. After all, the reception space is what attracts visitors. You can find these desks in multiple colors, material types, shapes, and sizes. Yes, these are designed specifically for the office reception spaces. However, the most vital factor that must be the priority when choosing the one is office space and desk dimension.

Reception Desks

Floating Desks

Adjoining workspaces are ideal for keeping the teams stay together and connected. Floating desks ensure streamlined interaction all day long and strengthen team relationships.

Running a startup requires having multi-desk workstations. These desks are installed directly onto the walls. Ideally, they help in saving space, especially in minimalist offices. They can be a bit insufficient in terms of storage but are essential furnishing pieces to achieve a friendly office atmosphere.

U-Shaped Office Desks

These desks are perfect for multitasking professionals and typically demand a lot of space. For the most part, senior or executive level staff need U-shaped workstations since they offer some measure of privacy. Giving them the extra space and comfort they need in the office helps increase job productivity.


Every office owner has a unique taste, preferences, and sense of style. Additionally, it may vary in terms of area, storage, etc. Therefore, keep this guide in mind whenever selecting an office desk. All of these serve various functions and enhance varying settings.

Remember the workstation you choose will affect each employee’s health, team dynamics, and motivation. So, visit the ideal furniture places and choose the sturdy office desks worth every penny.

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