8 Exceptional SaaS Videos Types to Boost Your SaaS Video Marketing Strategy

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I was recently reading blogs about SaaS video marketing strategy when I realized that none of the blogs were about video types. With SaaS video platforms expected to generate $3 Billion in revenue this year, SaaS videos are the perfect medium for their growth. Still, there is not much information about the various video types for SaaS businesses.

SaaS video production has become popular in recent years. Businesses are using SaaS-based infographics, educational videos, and advertisements in marketing campaigns. But there are eight types of videos that work best for SaaS businesses.

The following video types can help you attract, convince, convert, and retain customers.

Let’s read further to learn how.

SaaS Video Types For Your Next Marketing Strategy-

Video ads

To attract customers, you first need to put your product out in the market. And what’s the best way to inform customers about your new product? Advertisements.

Video ads are highly effective in targeting the ideal customer. We see them daily —on the TV, on YouTube, on social media, or even while browsing a website. The point is – with so many video ads, it is challenging for brands to stand out.

Brands should create short, catchy, and fascinating videos showcasing brand values. A SaaS video production company can help you quickly create an engaging and unique SaaS video.

Video Ads Strategy

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are the best video type for SaaS businesses. These videos give a detailed walkthrough of the product or service, explaining its benefits and features. In addition, customers are more likely to purchase your product if they understand it thoroughly.

Therefore, adding explainer videos to your SaaS video marketing strategy can help you increase engagement, generate leads, and promote sales.


Let’s be honest. We’ve all read reviews before buying a product. But how many times have you believed these reviews? There’s a high probability that the answer is – not much.

There’s a fine line between consideration and conversion. And that line is trust. Without trust, the prospects will not convert into customers. Unfortunately, written reviews are less likely to impact a buyer’s interest as they don’t offer much credibility.

This is where testimonial videos come into the picture. With testimonial videos, prospects can hear the feedback directly from existing clients, making them much more believable. Therefore, testimonial videos can help you motivate prospects to cross that line and move to the conversion stage.

testimonials videos

Animated Product videos

Through videos, customers want to know what a product will feel like. And it can be hard to convey the same with a SaaS product.

This is why you should include animated product videos in your marketing strategy. Animated product videos create the experience of using software through visuals. These videos are pretty similar to explainer videos.

But product videos give customers a detailed understanding of the product. Therefore, product videos can also save time spent on customer support.

Animated Product videos Strategy

How-to videos

Think back to your most recently purchased SaaS product. Did you search ‘how to use XYZ product’ on youtube? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.

How-to videos are the most searched queries on YouTube. In fact, the search for how-to videos has grown 70% over the last few years. That is why these videos are crucial for any SaaS business.

How-to videos can cover everything — from learning to use a SaaS product to integrating them into existing workflows. As a result, you can use a how-to video to introduce customers to your product while catering to their needs.

Infographic videos

Infographics are used to deliver statistical data to other brands or customers. For example, SaaS businesses can use infographic videos to attract customers using positive statistics about their brand and niche.
But, being highly informative, SaaS infographic videos are considered incomprehensible.

But that is completely opposite of reality.

While infographic videos are used to deliver complex data, they don’t have to be tricky themselves. On the contrary, infographic videos can be extremely fun and engaging.

Brand story

Brand story videos can help SaaS businesses create brand awareness. Brand awareness plays a prominent role in a business’s growth. These videos can personify your brand, which makes them relatable to the customers.

A brand story video doesn’t have to be restricted to the literal brand story. Instead, it can include the behind-the-scenes process of the brand. These videos can also show how the product was built and the idea behind the product.

Brand story videos can help in the awareness and consideration phase of the buyer journey. They also help in converting a prospect into a customer.

Brand story Strategy

Educational videos

Educational videos can educate prospective clients about your brand, product or service, and business process. In addition, these videos can improve brand recognition.

When done right, educational videos can be very compelling. They can steer the customers toward your product as a solution to their needs. However, animated educational videos are better at grabbing and holding customers’ attention.

The use of vibrant colors, informative graphics, and music make animated educational videos more enjoyable.


As a SaaS business, you’re going to use videos regularly. But can you use the same video type for every marketing strategy? No, because then you’ll run out of ideas pretty quickly. Using different types of videos can freshen up your marketing campaigns.

So, take notes from the above-mentioned video types and liven up your marketing strategy.

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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