7 Impactful Ideas For Saving Money On Wedding Catering

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Saving Money On Wedding Catering

Weddings are not cheap and so is the catering service!

You already have a long list of bookings, including photographer, venue, wedding dress, and much more. With this, we all know how important it is to choose the right caterer for a wedding.

No doubt, wedding catering is one of the most important aspects of an event. So, you have to plan and book caterers months before a wedding.

Since you are reading this write-up, we assume you are looking to save costs on event catering in Melbourne or in your locality. If so, then we have some suggestions for you.

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7 Effective Ideas To Save Money On Wedding Catering

Read on the seven most effective ways of saving cost on catering services in your wedding.

1. Limit Guest List

If you want to save on the catering cost, then start by lowering the guest list. When there are more people on the list, the wedding catering cost will be higher. Also, it helps in making an event more manageable.

So, if there are 500 people on your guest list, try to reduce it to 300 or 350. Doing so will save per plate cost. Imagine you can save money for 150 or 200 plates.

2. Less Items

You might have seen that most weddings prefer buffet catering.

Have you ever realized that your eyes see more food than your stomach can have?

The simple solution is to size down the number of items on a plate. For example, if there are 20 items in the buffet, lower it to 16. It will have less over-indulgence, less waste, as well as save cost.

Doesn’t it sound like a good saving on the catering cost? Yes, it is!

Wedding Catering items

3. A thorough Research

It is essential to research well when searching for wedding catering services. First of all, don’t rush things!

There is a simple process you can follow:

  • Ask your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Make your budget and consider it when searching for a caterer.
  • Ask caterers to offer some discount.
  • Make an agreement with caterers and then turn it into a contract.

Now, let’s discuss this briefly.

Complete all your research before you sign a contract with a caterer. You will see the venue you choose will offer you exclusive food services. But never rush into selecting the wrong catering at a good discount. You have an option to select a venue and get a different caterer of your choice.

Do thorough research and then compare prices of different event catering in Melbourne. If done, now, check the Google reviews and also visit their social media handles (pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). These social media platforms will help you in getting a better idea of professional caterers.

4. Save On Alcohol

Well, if you are allowed a bar counter, get some information about various ways of paying for serving alcohol. Let’s discuss briefly;

  • You have the right to decide what type of alcohol you are going to serve (beer, wine, vodka, etc.).
  • It’s your choice whether you have a cash bar or an open bar.

So, while deciding on the total alcohol bottles, make sure it is as per consumption. It will also save money, as you can serve alcohol within your budget. You must tell your caterer they have to serve alcohol, but you will arrange the bottles yourself.

Save On Alcohol

5. Say Yes To Buffet Catering

This may seem obvious, but the buffet catering idea is the best one.

Well, traditional catering takes effort as well as a lot of time. On the other side, plated dinner is really expensive because it requires more serving staff (waiters) that deliver food to the guest’s table.

On the flip side, if you are choosing buffet catering, it will amaze the guest. It is because there will be a variety of options to choose from. A buffet-style menu allows guests to pick meals as per their requirements.

Also, it needs less preparation which is a perk for you. Ultimately, this type of wedding catering style saves a lot of money.

6. Prior Discussion About Hidden Charges

As we have already mentioned, budget is important when hiring a caterer. And most of the wedding budget goes more than you ever thought.

So, when you are making a deal, ask your caterer about hidden costs. For example, if the event requires more staff, then do they charge extra? It’s better to clear things before making a deal.

Be aware if gratuity and taxes are added to the final catering cost. Furthermore, you must ensure whether the cost of tables, chairs, plates, linens, glassware, and utensils are added to the bill or not. In the end, see the cake serving cost and corkage fees.

7. Consider Wedding Date

As you know, a few months are known as “wedding season.” So, caterers also know there will be a high demand during that season.

While choosing a wedding date, check if there are any holidays, mid-late spring season, summers, or fall. These are mainly considered the “prime dates.” So, if your wedding date lies in between this, then book the caterer in advance. Because wedding professionals might take advantage of those prime dates.

Moreover, in order to save cost, consider off-season wedding dates or weekdays. You will see the biggest fluctuation in catering costs.


When there is a wedding, there will be expenses. And despite catering, you have to manage other things also. So, be careful! The caterer expenses can make as well as break your budget.

We really hope these above-listed will work as a savior in your wedding. And this will definitely help in saving costs in a wedding catering service.

Thank you for reading the write-up!

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