Why Do They Call It Oven?

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Why Do They Call It Oven

Ovens are insulated chambers which can produce very high temperature of up to 1000oC, that may be used to heat raw materials, products and parts. It is also used for baking and cooking food as well as drying things.

Recently a comic featuring Garfield is surrounding everywhere in which the cartoon character raises a question that “Why do they call it Oven?” It’s a very simple yet a very deep question. What is an oven? What is its origin? Where did its name come from? All questions are interesting, yet no one knows the answer.

What is an Oven?

We all know that oven is an enclosed compartment which is usually a part of the cooker for cooking and baking. But the meaning of the word “oven” is different. The word oven is used to describe a very hot place. As the compartment of the cooker which are used to bake or cook are very hot, so they were given a name oven.

Oven name was used during Second World War and by the time it has become a very common word. During Second World War a cremation or gas chamber in a Nazi concentration camp was called an oven because of being a very hot place.

oven is like a tunnel

We can say that oven is like a tunnel or you can term it enclosed cavity in which food items are surrounded by scorching hot surfaces. This hot environment makes them baked or cooked and delicious food products are produces. Such as Bread, Cake etc.

Ovens produce this heat energy when fuels like gas, electric or lubricants are combusted. The heat that is generated by combustion process which is exothermic in nature, the energy hence produced is transferred to food products through conduction, convection or radiation.

The ovens have few high temperature resistance materials which are used to insulate inner area of the oven. The ovens must have these materials to keep heat environment for prolonged time.

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